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Vapour tank configuration for Motorhomes, Cooking, Heating

Set of basic equipment for motorhome, caravan, patio gas, cooking, heating appliances:

23L Vapour Gas Cylinder Tank Ø230mm L630mm SetVapour Gas Cylinder Tank Set

Special, red tank with vapour gas outlet (standard autogas tanks have liquid gas output which is not suitable for cooking, heating appliances). Set contains inlet JIC hose connection valve, level sensor with gauge, safety relief valve, and manual output valve with 1/4" thread. Valves are covered with gas tight cover which ventilation holes makes possible to instal the tank inside the car on motorhome (but special vent hose is needed additionally).

Cylinder Tank Mounting Frame with StrapsCylinder Tank Mounting Frame with Straps

Mounting frame with straps to mount the cylinder tank under or over the floor.

W21.8 to JIC 3/4 UNC Plate Filling Point - 90deg.

W21.8 to JIC 3/4 UNC Plate Filling Point - 90deg.

Standard angled JIC filler with non return valve, connected to the inlet side to the adapter for the filling nozzle, on the other side to the JIC hose which goes to the tank inlet.

UK Bayonet (W21.8) to All Europe Adapters SETUK Bayonet (W21.8) to All Europe Adapters SET

Set of adapters for filling nozzles of all european countries.

Livello 0-90Ohm Gas Level IndicatorLivello 0-90Ohm Gas Level Indicator

Level indicator connected to the level gauge on the tank extends the reading to any place in the vehicle interior.

1.50 meter - Straight to Straight JIC HoseJIC Hose

JIC hose for connecting filling point with tank inlet valve. 
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