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LPGSHOP is a Blue Power Diesel systems Distributor

LPGSHOP is a Blue Power Diesel systems Distributor

We are happy to announce that we become Blue Power - Diesel Blend Systems partner and UK distributor of Blue Power systems.

Blue Power is one of the most advanced diesel to LPG or CNG conversion systems on the market with unique ability of connection and reading the whole spectrum of CAN bus signals of the diesel engines. By monitoring all parameters of the engine Diesel Power is able to add optimal amount of LPG or CNG to protect engine against knocking and achieve maximized savings and best emissions.

Moreover Diesel Blend System is ready to work with tracking and telemetry systems so the fleet operator has live reading of the alerts from the diesel engine and Blue Power system as well can monitor LPG and diesel consumption constantly.

Key Blue Power features:

  • Sequential injection system for diesel.
  • Easy to use software.
  • Simple installation.
  • Automatic Diesel -> CNG/LPG switchover.
  • Automatic CNG/LPG -> Diesel switchover if empty tank.
  • Self diagnostic ECU. Up to 32 errors saved in memory.
  • Sensors predefined feature.
  • Up to 6 pressure sensors defined.
  • Up to 7 Vacuum/Boost sensors defined.
  • Up to 8 temperature sensors defined.
  • EGT sensor option. EGT sensor included in the set (premium version).
  • Able to read signals from TPS, Air-Flow meter, RPM signal, EGT sensor.
  • 12V compatible, 24V compatible.
  • European TIR compatible.
  • CDi/DCi/HDi/TDi emulator on the ECU !!!! Lower consumption of diesel.
  • Safety features to eliminate the possibility of engine failure.
  • Full LPG/CNG level gauge + setup. You can define any level sensor you want (resistance, Hall, V, etc.).
  • Simple mixture map - for beginners/average users.
  • 3 advanced maps - for advanced users.
  • Long cables for the trucks, TIR.
  • Diesel work time.
  • LPG/CNG work time.
  • Advanced rpm set up 2 inputs, one input variable 0-14 VDC.
  • And many others...
6th Dec 2016 LPG Shop

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