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Leisure Gas Tank VW T5/T6 Motorhome Underslung Kit

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  • Leisure Gas Tank VW T5/T6 LPG Gas Tank Kit for Motorhomes build your own kit
  • different filling point styles available
£241.49 Inc. VAT

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  • 16 Litres Motorhome Gas Tank Ø200mm by 585mm
  • UK Bayonet Filling Point to JIC - Angled with Box
  • UK Bayonet Filling Point to JIC - Angled with White Box
  • UK Bayonet to JIC 3/4" Plate Filling Point Angled
  • UK Bayonet Filling Point to JIC - Angled with Cap and Bracket
  • U-Brackets with Bolts for Underslung Tank - 200 mm
  • autogas tank cylinder propane gas bottle mounting frame with straps
  • 3/4" JIC Polypipe Cut-to-length Filler Line 3 meters Kit
  • 2m Copper Filler Pipe with Fittings
  • JIC LPG hose 1meter straight to straight ending autogas
  • JIC LPG hose 1.5meter straight to straight ending autogas
  • JIC LPG hose 2.25meters straight to straight ending autogas
  • Motorhome Regulator 30mBar with Pigtail
  • Two Stage Regulator 30mBar Motorhome with 2m Copper Pipe Kit
  • GOK Vertical CPU Regulator Bulkhead 30mBar for Motorhomes with Stainless Steel Pigtail
  • GOK Horizontal CPU Regulator Bulkhead 30mBar for Motorhomes with Stainless Steel Pigtail
  • GOK Vertical CPU Regulator Bulkhead 30mBar for Motorhomes with 2m Copper Pipe Kit
  • GOK Horizontal CPU Regulator Bulkhead 30mBar for Motorhomes with 2m Copper Pipe Kit
  • Truma MonoControl CS Gas Regulator Crash Sensor 30mbar with Stainless Steel Pigtail
  • Truma MonoControl CS Gas Regulator Crash Sensor 30mbar with 2m Copper Pipe Kit
  • Inline Gas Valve 8mm Compression Low Pressure
  • Gas Manifold Distribution Block 2 Ways
  • Gas Manifold Distribution Block 3 Ways
  • Gas Manifold Distribution Block 4 Ways
  • Travel set of three adapters for Bayonet LPG filling point covering all Europe
  • 2m x 8mm Copper Pipe with Fittings Kit
  • 4m x 8mm Copper Pipe with Fittings Kit
  • 6m x 8mm Copper Pipe with Fittings Kit
  • TriGasAlarm - Gas detector for motorhomes
  • Teflon PTFE Tape White 0.1mm 13m


The base price is for tank only with fully fitted valves and vent box. It does not come with any filler, frame or other accessories unless options selected.

Underslung LPG Gas Tank Kit for Volkswagen T5 and T6 Motorhomes

Red vapour tanks are perfect for long caravan trips as they hold a lot of gas while saving you precious space in the living area. The valves are packed with safety features, allowing you to travel through the Eurotunnel. Remote filling ensures that you won't be refused to refill gas - just like it very often happens with refillable bottles.

The number of different configurations is almost endless, this listing includes the most universal setup. If you are looking to upgrade your current configuration or seeking a custom solution, please send us an email with your requirements and photos.

Filling point

There are few options for fillers, all of them come equipped with non-return valves and they are easy and safe to use.

1. Recessed round box UK filler

The most common style, round box requires a 70mm hole to be cut out. Two small indents prevent the box from spinning and secure it’s position. The depth of the box with 90° angled filler installed is 9cm.

2. Recessed round white box UK filler

Version with white cap.

3. Flat filler

Flat filler can be installed on body panel, it requires a 50mm hole to be cut out and 4 holes for securing bolts. The drilling template is supplied with the filler. The depth of 90° filler is 6cm. It comes with UK bayonet adapter.

4. UK filler on bracket

The filler can be installed underneath the vehicle on a metal bracket. It can be easily mounted to existing fixings. It comes with a square protection box.


Gas pressure regulator

Gas pressure inside of the tank is dependent on gas temperature, gas level and many other factors - this is why a regulator is necessary. Two stage regulator is mandatory on horizontal tanks for better pressure regulation. Also the second stage ensures that gas is evenly evaporated and no liquid gas is let into the system. The regulator can be mounted directly on the tank, the outlet is 8mm copper or 3/8 NPT" with the nipple removed. An option for remote in-line regulator is also available.

Crash protection unit enables heating while driving by integrated mechanical crash sensor, which blocks the gas passage in the event of an accident.

Gas distributor - manifold

Gas manifold can be mounted inside of the cabin, using 8mm copper feed pipe. It has quarter turn taps for easy devices isolation. Gas can be supplied from each side.


Filler hose, pipes

Filler hoses are made to length, that’s why you need to measure the distance from the filling point to the centre of tank very carefully.

8mm black PCV covered copper pipe is used for connection from the regulator to the devices / manifold.

Tank valves

Tanks come fully fitted with gas valves and aluminium airbox.

Valves box: gas tight box made of aluminium, with vents and clamps for 30mm hose.

  1. Output valve: manual knob, 1/4" NPT female thread with W21.8 LH adapter for regulator.
  2. Over pressure relief valve: calibrated to release gas if pressure level exceeds 27 bar.
  3. Level sender: magnetic with gauge, upgradable to remote indicator or bluetooth ultrasonic sender.
  4. Filling valve: 3/8" NPT input with male 3/4" UNF elbow for JIC 3/4" hoses, equipped with 80% cut off valve and non-return valve.


Tank frame

The tank can be fitted underneath the vehicle with cradle on top of the tank or inside of the cabin in sealed locker. Frame and straps are optional.

Tank plate should be installed at 105°, where 0° is the 12 o'clock position, valves pointing at between 3 and 4 o'clock.

Safety features

  • 80% cut off valve (OPD)- the filling valve prevents overfilling and shuts the inlet when 80% gas level is reached;
  • over pressure relief valve (PRV) - in case of sudden pressure increase (over 27 bar) the excess gas is released to the environment;
  • non-return valve - in case of physical damage of filler hose only the gas accumulated in the hose is released;
  • two stage regulator - second stage ensures that no liquid gas is allowed to the system.

Remote level indicator

The tank comes with the level gauge as a standard, it can be upgraded to:

  1. Level sender with 9-LED Livello indicator.

European adaptors and accessories

  1. If you are going overseas for holiday you will need filling point adaptors. A set of 3 adaptors covering every country in Europe is available as an option.
  2. Quick release connector can be mounted outside of vehicle for i.e. BBQ burners
  3. Teflon PTFE tape and leak detector are always handy



The installation process is fairly easy, and the whole conversion process can be completed within just a few afternoons. Basic tools like drill bits, hole saws, spanners are required. We supply basic fittings including standard bolts, washers, clips for hoses, teflon tape and gas leak detectors. The tank kit is meant to be installed underneath the vehicle or in a ventilated locker; if you’d prefer to install it in the living area then some extra leak-proof hoses are obligatory.

Eurotunnel restrictions

Complete legal information is available here:

Red vapour tanks are allowed in Eurotunnel:

If travelling with a campervan, caravan or any other vehicle fitted with cooking facilities, any flammable gas container must be declared when asked and will be checked at the appropriate checkpoint by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Flammable gas containers may be transported with the following restrictions:

  • For portable containers (cylinders/bottles, etc): Maximum of 47kg per cylinder and no more than 50kg per Vehicle if more than 1 container;
  • For fixed containers (tanks): Maximum of 47kg per container and no more than 50kg per Vehicle if more than 1 container.
  • Fixed containers must be no more than 80% full. The capacity of the container will be checked by Eurotunnel staff.

Options - to be selected

  • optional mounting frame (cradle) with straps and bolts
  • optional filling point with UK connector without hose
  • hose and clips securing hose
  • regulator with 4m of copper pipe and clips securing pipe
  • manifold distributor 
  • remote level gauge - Bluetooth version for internal use only
  • adapters for every country in Europe
  • leak detector, teflon tape


Please carefully check space available - reserve 10mm for frame. Tank should be nicely secured on each end and leveled to prevent overfilling. Also, the tank cannot be the lowest point of the vehicle and it should be mounted away from exhaust pipes.

Diameter [mm]Lenght [mm]Capacity [L]80% capacityEmpty weight [kg]Full tank weight [kg]
200 585 16 13L (6.76kg) 13.5 20
200 721 20 16L (8.32kg) 15 23
200 890 25 20L (10.4kg) 16.8 26.8
200 1070 30 24L (12.48kg) 18.9 30.9
230 630 23 18L (9.36kg) 14.5 23.5
230 822 30 24L (12.48kg) 16.5 28.5
230 1014 38 30L (15.6kg) 19.2 34.2


VehicleSize 1


Bigger sizes of the tanks are being installed on your own responsibility and cannot be returned. Customer needs to rely on his own measurements.




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