ATV, Quad bike autogas - LPG conversion system

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All-terrain ATV, Quad bikes autogas, LPG, propane conversion kit


Professional and full conversion kits from petrol to LPG autogas for ATV - Quad bikes. Quad bike conversion is quite demanding due to lack of space for tank and components but also due to lack of lambda sensor in many cases which is used to control fuel mixture. LPG Shop offers dedicated LPG conversion kits with suitable small LPG tanks, ecu's, vaporisers and injectors but also with additional tools to properly calibrate the fuel mixture and set up the system.


We offer fully dedicated kits also with exchangeable gas bottles in place of fixed LPG tanks and components suited for specified model, so please contact us for with ATV's model and make for configuration and pricing.


Example quad LPG conversion kit contains the following parts:

There are also some one-off purchases you would have to make before you install the first kit - for each installation, you will need the USB interface and the AFR Lambda Sensor, and we can recommend the following ones:

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