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V-Lube Valve Saver Fluid 0.5Liter

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  • V-LUBE LPG Valve Saver Fluid - 500ml 0.5Liter
  • V-LUBE LPG Valve Saver Fluid - 500ml 0.5Liter
  • V-LUBE LPG Valve Saver Fluid - 500ml 0.5Liter TUV Certificate
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LPG/CNG Valve Saver Additive Fluid 0.5 Liter

Complete and reliable valve protection for LPG/CNG powered vehicles.

Unlike other additives the range of applications of V-LUBE LPG VALVE SAVER was designed to suit the requirements of gas powered vehicles.

V-LUBE LPG VALVE SAVER meets the demands and problems typical for LPG/CNG powered vehicles offering effective protection at a reasonable price.

The additive is introduced via a dosing system (lubrication kit) in the ratio of 1:1000 (10ml of additive for each 10l of fuel). One liter of V-LUBE LPG VALVE SAVER protects the engine (accordingly to the fuel consumption) up to 10000 km!


  • Protects the valves against increased wearing caused by gas.
  • Cleans and lubricates the cylinders
  • Cleans the injectors and fuel lines
  • Increase the efficiency and the durability of the engine
  • Offers optimum protection at a reasonable price
  • was desgined spüecifically for gas powered engines
  • Is compatible with all dosing systems available on the market


German controlled quality

V-LUBE was the first producer in the  lpg additive field that had its products quality tested by an independent institution.

This way you can be sure that the maintained quality allows first class protection of your engine.


Independently confirmed effectivness 

The active agent of V-LUBE protects Otto engines reliably against the valve wearing during the combustion of LPG.
This was confirmed during an indpendent study in a Laboratory of Combustionmachines at the Machine-Building dept. of the HTW Saarbrücken. The study tested the effectiveness of the V-LUBE agent.

In the conclusion of the study we read´´The main wearing is created via the development of ´´pitting´´ on the basis of micro welding´´ 

Prof. Dr. Eng. Thomas Heinze and Graduate Engineer Volker Witte conclude:

´´The  welding tendency depends on the material combination of the valve and the seat ring and the function of the exhaust fumes temperature as well as the highest pressure. The number of revolutions has no progressive influence on the valve´´

´´The tested additive has creates a protective layer that can reduce the wearing assuming that the dosing is correct.´´

During the tests there was no evidence of wearing in case of petrol or enhanced gas. In case of no additive the wearing was observable at different performance points.

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