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Sikaflex 252 Adhesive Kit White 300ml for Solar Panels

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  • Sikaflex 252 Adhesive Kit White 300ml for Solar Panels
  • Sikaflex 252 Adhesive Kit White 300ml for Solar Panels
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Sikaflex 252 white adhesive 300ml 

Sikaflex 252 is the recommended adhesive for installing solar panels on the roof of caravans or motorhomes. It is essential to prep and prime the surfaces before bonding, this will ensure that the best result is obtained.

  • Remains flexible
  • Withstands high dynamic loads
  • Damps vibrations
  • Electrical insulator
  • Non-corrosive
  • Soundproof
  • Suitable for painting, grinding and machining
  • Bonds well to a variety of surfaces, such as metals, aluminum or timber
  • Multi purpose adhesive
  • Bonds well to a variety of surfaces

Kit Contents:

  • Surface activator - Sika Aktivator PRO pack of 30 ml
  • Primer - Sika Primer 207G + P, pack 100ml
  • Adhesive - Sikaflex 252 white, pack of 300 ml
  • Primer sponge - Sika Power Clean Aid 1 pc
  • Abrasive non-woven fabric for matting the surface -1 piece (23 cm x15 cm)

How to use:
1. Matting of the fixing element and the gluing point of this element

Product: fine abrasive fleece.
Objective: to obtain a slightly matted surface intended for gluing.
Instructions for use: rub the lower surface of the fixing element and its fixing point with an abrasive cloth. To improve the aesthetics of execution, use a paper tape to cover the fixing point.

2. Activation of the gluing surface

Product: Sika® Aktivator PRO
Objective: Cleaning and activating different types of surfaces.
Instructions for use: soak the lint-free cloth with the appropriate amount of Sika® Aktivator PRO and spread it on the surface in one smooth movement. Spread Sika® Aktivator PRO by moving the cloth in one direction over the entire gluing area. Flash off time 3 min.

3. Priming the bonding surface
Product: Sika® Primer 207G + P (black color).
Objective: To provide a strong and permanent bond between different types of surfaces.
Instructions for use: apply a thin, uniform layer of Sika® Primer 207 G + P to the bonding area previously secured with paper tape. Do the same on the underside of the fastener. Use the sponge applicator. Drying time Sika® Primer-207 G + P 10 minutes.

4. Gluing of fastening elements
Applying the adhesive: squeeze an appropriate amount of Sikaflex 252 adhesive onto the fastener or the other surface (still secured with paper tape). Press the fastener onto the surface to be glued within no more than 30 minutes from applying the adhesive bead. Remove any excess glue immediately after pressing the glued elements. Remove the protective paper tape.

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