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OMVL REG 4CYL Injectors Rail (with Temp. Sensor)

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  • OMVL SL Dream XXI blue autogas lpg injectors rail with temperature sensor
  • OMVL 4 cylinder Injectors Rail
  • OMVL 4 cylinder Injectors Rail with Temperature sensor
  • OMVL 4 cylinder Injectors Rail
  • OMVL 4 cylinder Injectors Rail
  • OMVL 4 cylinder Injectors Rail Accessories
  • OMVL 4 cylinder Injectors Rail Box
  • OMVL 4 cylinder Injectors Rail with Temperature sensor
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OMVL (REG) Westport Dream XXI SL 4 Cylinder Injectors Rail with Gas Temperature Sensor


GENUINE OMVL REG SuperLight injectors! 


Cheaper equivalent Valtek Type-32 injectors are available HERE.


This is the version with temperature sensor as a "T" piece with pressure output of one of the most popular autogas injectors SL / SuperLight commonly used in wide range of engines with exchangeable calibration nozzles. The injection unit ensures that the right quantity of gas is delivered into the intake manifold at the intake valves. The electronic injectors are opened in the right sequence and at the right time to suit the engine's ignition cycle.




  • Normally closed, low resistance
  • 3Ω low resistance, peak & hold injectors
  • 3 Models: 2-3-4 injectors in one rail
  • Material: black plastic, PPS
  • Integrated temperature sensor (depend of the model): NTC 4K7 @25°C, FCI Sicma connector
  • Optionally integrated pressure and temperature sensor: Continental TMAP60



Max. working pressure 4.5 bar relative (0.45 Mpa)
Minimum opening time 2,8 ms
Gas flow rate 
(air through 3.00 mm nozzle)
9.8 mg/cycle at 4 ms and Delta P of 2,00 bar
28 mg/cycle at 10 ms and Delta P of 2,00 bar
Operating temperature -40 °C » 120°C (environment) 
-20 °C » 90°C (gas temperature)
Weight 4 cyl: 443,5 g
3 cyl: 300 g
2 cyl: 200 g
Overall dimension 
4 cyl: 136 x 58 x 61
3 cyl: 119 x 61 x 61
2 cyl: 96 x 61 x 61
Approvals 110R-00, 67R-01, 10R-04









Warranty Information

24 months warranty. Easy swap.
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3 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by gantenori on 21st Feb 2019

    preciso e puntuale

  • 5
    absolutely amazing injector!!!

    Posted by SHAWN CAPSON ( YOUTUBE) on 11th May 2014

    I work in the coldest harshest conditions at 6000 to 8000 feet above sea level and the air temps are under 30f from september to july, these injectors are the only ones i can use that dont fail. They continuously give me 100% even when they are freezing. Order them from LPGSHOP.CO.UK or youll regret ordering from anyone else!! I live in the center of the united states and i recieve all my orders from jack in 2 days!! the price is awesome and service is bar none, thats important for being around the other side of the world.

  • 4
    absolutely awesome cheap injector

    Posted by shawn capson on 4th Mar 2014

    very inexpensive, blows the socks off any valtek type 30 or ig1 rail, long life and super easy to completely disassemble clean and have a new injector again, almost a life long purchase.
    integrated accurate temp sender, and bonus pressure port built in the rail so no more inline obstructions and ugly installs.
    very compatible with almost all CNG/LPG ecu's