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Motorhome Solar Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A

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  • Solar Motorhome Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A kit
  • Solar Motorhome Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A solar panel
  • Solar Motorhome Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A charge controller
  • Solar Motorhome Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A
  • Solar Motorhome Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A
  • Solar Motorhome Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A
  • Solar Motorhome Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A cable
  • Solar Motorhome Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A roof grommet
  • Solar Motorhome Kit 160W Monocrystalline ETFE MPPT 75V 15A
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160W Victron Energy photovoltaic kit for motorhomes, boats, caravans and yachts

Where to use

Complete photovoltaic set dedicated to use in motorhomes, boats, summer houses, campsites, etc.


The solar system consisting of a flexible 160W ETFE monocrystalline module and the MPPT SmartSolar 75V 15A Bluetooth regulator from the renowned Victron Energy brand is an efficient motorhome power supply system, used in larger campers, caravans and boats. A typical set, thanks to which we can freely use appliances (12V) such as LED TV, LED lighting, chargers, compressor refrigerators with a thermostat, etc. for several hours a day.

The kit includes:

  • Monocrystalline ETFE flexible panel SOLARA 160W 12V
  • SmartSolar 75V 15A Bluetooth Victron Energy regulator
  • Set of solar cables (2 x 5m, 1x4mm) with connectors
  • Roof grommet for solar cable
  • SIKA adhesive kit - a set for gluing elements that fasten solar parts

Flexible photovoltaic module

SOLARA 160W ETFE monocrystalline flexible panel shows excellent electrical and structural properties. Its dimensions, shape and flexible design make it achieve its efficiency when mounted on any type of surface. The dark-colored surface of the panel allows it to better absorb sunlight and return the stored energy more efficient.


  • Flex type panel
  • Monocrystalline
  • Peak power [W]: 160
  • Max power voltage - Max Vmp [V]: 18,2
  • Max current - Imp [A]: 8,79
  • Open circuit voltage - Voc [V]: 21,5
  • Short-circuit current - Isc [A]: 9,31
  • Length [mm]: 1510
  • Width [mm]: 670
  • Depth [mm]: 3

MPPT charge controller

A solar charger collects energy from photovoltaic panels and stores it in batteries. Thanks to the use of the latest and fastest technology, the MPPT SmartSolar charger maximizes the amount of accumulated energy and sends it intelligently to fully charge the batteries in the shortest possible time. SmartSolar keeps the battery in good condition, extending its life.

The MPPT SmartSolar charge controller allows you to recharge even a badly depleted battery. Works already at zero battery voltage, provided the cells are not permanently sulphated or otherwise damaged.


MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) regulators optimize the voltage from the solar panels so that the batteries receive the maximum amount of energy. The maximum power point or optimum conversion voltage varies with changes in light intensity, temperature, and other factors. The digital optimization process performed by the MPPT controller quickly finds and adapts to the maximum power point thanks to advanced electronics, microprocessor circuits and complex work algorithms which explains their high price in relation to PWM controllers. MPPT regulators have an efficiency of 93-97% in converting power from a solar panel.

PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) controllers are significantly cheaper than MPPT controllers, but they have losses of power conversion from the solar panel up to 60%. This is because PWM controllers do not optimize the voltage flowing to the battery, making them a poor choice for larger panels, but with smaller systems the price significantly affects their choice.

MPPT Smart Solar specification:

  • Model: MPTT Smart Solar 75V | 15A
  • Battery voltage [V]: 12V lub 24V (auto)
  • Maximum load current [A]: 15 A
  • Automatic battery disconnection
  • Max power of module [W]: 12V battery -> 220W, 24V battery -> 440W
  • Max voltage of module [V]: 75V
  • Own consumption: 12V - 25 mW | 24V - 15 mW
  • Adjustable absorption charging : 14,4V / 28,8V
  • Adjustable quiescent charging : 13,7V / 27,4V
  • Disconnection on discharge:11,1V / 22,2V lub Battery Life
  • Temperature compensation: -16 mV / °C resp. -32 mV / °C
  • Flexible charging algorithm
  • Working temperature: -35C - +60C
  • IP65 protection class
  • Protection against reverse battery polarity (fuse), too high temperature and output short-circuit

Regulator assembly and dimensions

  • Dimensions WxHxD [mm] 100 x 113 x 40 mm
  • Weight [kg] 0,65 kg
  • Vertical mounting wall bracket, intended for indoor use 

SIKA Kit for gluing the elements that fasten the solar sets

Manual & description here

Consisting of:

  • Surface activator - Sika Aktivator PRO pack. 30ml
  • Primer - Sika Primer 207G+P pack. 100ml
  • Glue - Sikaflex 252 white, pack. 300ml
  • Sponge for applying a primer - Sika Power Clean Aid 1 pc
  • Abrasive fleece for matting surfaces - 1 pc (23 cm x15 cm)

Roof grommet for solar cables/cords

Waterproof roof adapter for mounting on the roof. Perfect for 4-12mm cable. It has IP68 protection.

Single and double roof grommets are available in white, with a wide glue seam. Easy installation with SIKA glue. Roof entries are watertight and ensure safe cable installation. Perfect for mounting on the roof of a motorhome or boat.

  • Base dimensions: 110x90x39mm
  • Color: White
  • ABS plastic

Solar cables set

2X5m 1X4MM2 wiring set with connectors

The kit is used to connect the photovoltaic module with the voltage regulator. The set includes two 5m sections. 4mm2 solar cable in red and black sheath, ended on one side with high-quality serial connectors.

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