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LPGTECH Fuel Pressure Emulator EmuTech

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LPGTECH EmuTech PB-Pressure-02 Universal Petrol Pressure Sensor Emulator


Programmable petrol pressure sensor emulator dedicated for vehicles demanding petrol pressure signal when switched to LPG.



  • One unit fits all vehicles with fuel pump on-demand controlling algorithm
  • Fully customizable with PC software
  • Two circuit operation, emulating requested fuel pressure and controlling fuel pump to keep accurate fuel pressure in ramp
  • The use of the emulator eliminates the necessity of making a “overfill” to the fuel tank




A pressure emulator is a standalone device that supports the work of a gas installation. It is required in cars that test the pressure of a fuel rail. When driving on gas, petrol is not used, as a result of which the pressure increases, and this is interpreted as a failure of the car fuel system. There are cars that use the correction of injection times from the pressure of the fuel rail, which makes a car out of adjustment, and driving on petrol is impossible. The device emulates a correct value of pressure of the fuel rail making it the same as it would be at a given time when driving on petrol. Another feature of the emulator is gas pump control. The pressure emulation itself does not fully guarantee a normal operation of the car. Due to an uncontrolled pressure increase there will problems with switching to petrol, rapid deterioration of the fuel pump, and in extreme cases - breaking of fuel line connections. Pump control allows maintaining constant pressure of the fuel rail while driving on gas and ensures trouble-free switching to petrol without having to worry about the load the car operates under at a given time.


Calibration software: LPGTECH Pb Petrol Pressure Emulator.exe

Connection diagram: EmuTECH-Pressure_EN_ES.pdf

Installation manual: EmuTECH_Pb-Pressure-02_Manual_EN.pdf

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