LNG Cryogenic Tanks

LNG Cryogenic Tanks

The liquid methane is 600 times denser than the gas at low pressure (3 times denser than gaseous methane at 200 bar), this provides considerable benefits in terms of transportable volume and consequently in terms of vehicle autonomy. The advantages related to the cryogenic tank installation on board are:

  • Reduced size and weight of the fuel tank;
  • Greater vehicle autonomy;
  • High fuel economy;
  • Significant costs reduction;
  • Substantially environmental impact reducing;
  • Full accessibility to urban areas;
  • LNG Cryogenic Tank lng cryogenic tank for automotive hgv vessle vehicle liquid natural gas


    LNG Cryogenic Tank

    LNG Cryogenic Tank  200 - 450 Litres capacity Liquid Natural Gas is a methane gas under very low temperature around -165deg. Celsius which needs to be stored in cryogenic tanks as the offered one.   Available sizes: Net capacity...
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