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LNG Cryogenic Tank

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255.00 KGS
  • lng cryogenic tank for automotive hgv vessle vehicle liquid natural gas
  • lng cryogenic tank for automotive hgv vessle vehicle liquid natural gas
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LNG Cryogenic Tank  200 - 450 Litres capacity

Liquid Natural Gas is a methane gas under very low temperature around -165deg. Celsius which needs to be stored in cryogenic tanks as the offered one.


Available sizes:

Net capacity [L] Length (mm) Weight empty (kg) Weight filled (kg) Max working pressure (bar) Hold time (days)
175 1165 163 236
234 1390 185 281
316 1715 218 348
345 1830 230 372
408 2090 255 423


Technical specification:

  • First European tank on the market equipped with a cryogenic solenoid valve according to ECE ONU R110.
  • Horizontal fuel tank for use with liquid natural gas (LNG) with a capacity ranging from 200 to 450 litres (see configuration table on the next page).
  • Preset tank for left or right filling connections which allows warehouse stocks management and a fast mechanical assembly.
  • Maximum performance in terms of reliability, strength and durability of the tank.
  • Electronic level indicator with 8 bright leds.
  • Super insulation system with high vacuum which providesa low rate of evaporation.
  • Automatic fuel excess flow valve according to R110 regulation.
  • Protective cover with security key which protects the filling connections and control unit.
  • A proximity sensor which stops the engine to ensure safe and rapid filling.
  • Equipped with 4 relief valves.
  • A signal output level indicator 0-5 V allows communication with the engine control unit for the calculation of an average fuel economy.



  • Support bracket for tank installation on vehicles according to R110 regulation.
  • Heat exchanger / external evaporator.
  • External piping connections for system assembly on vehicles.




VS1 - Primary Relief Valve 16bar
VS2 - Secondary Relief Valve 18bar
VS3 - Filling piping Security Relief Valve
VS4 - Venting piping Security Relief Valve
V2 - Vent Valve
PV - Evacuation Port
EC - Economizer
V1 - Liquid Valve
EFV - Excess Flow Valve
AV - Automatic cut off valve
VUN - Check Valve
FILL - Filling Receptacle
VENT - Vent Receptacle
M - Pressure Gauge
I - Level gauge
TI - Level transmitter
PT - Pressure transmitter
MS - Magnetic sensor

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