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Light Composite Caravan Bottle with Multivalve

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  • Light Composite Caravan Bottle with Multivalve
  • Light Composite Caravan Bottle with Multivalve
  • Light Composite Caravan Bottle with Multivalve
  • Light Composite Caravan Bottle with Multivalve
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Light Composite Caravan Bottle with Multivalve

Super light refillable 11kg gas cylinder specially designed for Motorhomes. Great replacement of steel bottles with remote filler.

External filling point

In most European countries refilling bottles is strictly forbidden even if equipped with 80% cut off valve. Sometimes pump has to be activated by worker before refilling.

Our bottles can be refilled remotely from filling point mounted on the panel, which is the only accepted way of refilling cylinders.

Filling point

There are few options for fillers, all of them come equipped with non-return valves and they are easy and safe to use.

1. Recessed round box UK filler

The most common style, round box requires a 70mm hole to be cut out. Two small indents prevent the box from spinning and secure it’s position. The depth of the box with 90° angled filler installed is 9cm.

2. Recessed round white box UK filler

Version with white cap.

3. Flat filler

Flat filler can be installed on body panel, it requires a 50mm hole to be cut out and 4 holes for securing bolts. The drilling template is supplied with the filler. The depth of 90° filler is 6cm. It comes with UK bayonet adapter.

4. UK filler on bracket

The filler can be installed underneath the vehicle on a metal bracket. It can be easily mounted to existing fixings. It comes with a square protection box.


Gas regulator

The outlet pressure depends on gas level and gas temperature. Regulator should be used to maintain equal pressure.

There are two main types of regulators:

  • one stage - simple single membrane regulator, good for BBQ where the stable pressure is not crucial
  • two stage - two membranes regulator gives stable and equal pressure, mandatory on Motorhomes. Most devices work with 30mBar pressure.

You can also connect the bottle to your existing regulator - either Truma, Cavagna or GOK with M20 (W20) connector using pigtail.

Changeover switch

The changeover switch is not needed as bottles are fixed into position and filling points can be connected to each other. Simple T-piece with non return valve can be used.

European adaptors and accessories

If you are going overseas for holiday you will need filling point adaptors. A set of 3 adaptors covering every country in Europe is available as an option. The standard UK Bayonet fitting covers UK, Holland and Norway.

Connectors - threads

The threads are:

  • inlet: 3/4" UNF connector for JIC filling hoses, if elbow removed - 3/8" NPT
  • outlet: W21.8L with rubber, if nipple removed - M10x1

Level indicator

The bottle comes with magnetic level indicator which can be upgraded to the remote gauge. The gauge can be read from the top or from the side. 
How does it work? Indicator is magnetically connected to the float inside of the tank.

Safety features

The automotive-grade multivalve used on bottle meets 67R United Nations regulations.

The safety features are:

  • 80% cut off valve (OPD)- the filling valve prevents overfilling and shuts the inlet when 80% gas level is reached;
  • over pressure relief valve (PRV) - in case of sudden pressure increase (over 27 bar) the excess gas is released to the environment;
  • non-return valve - in case of physical damage of filler hose only the gas accumulated in the hose is released;
  • excess flow valve - in case of physical damage of the bottle only small amount is escaping

Eurotunnel restrictions

Complete legal information is available here:

Composite cylinders are allowed in Eurotunnel:

If travelling with a campervan, caravan or any other vehicle fitted with cooking facilities, any flammable gas container must be declared when asked and will be checked at the appropriate checkpoint by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Flammable gas containers may be transported with the following restrictions:

  • For portable containers (cylinders/bottles, etc): Maximum of 47kg per cylinder and no more than 50kg per Vehicle if more than 1 container;
  • For fixed containers (tanks): Maximum of 47kg per container and no more than 50kg per Vehicle if more than 1 container.
  • Fixed containers must be no more than 80% full. The capacity of the container will be checked by Eurotunnel staff.


Bottle Specification

 10kg Cylinder
Height (mm) 571
Diameter (mm) 305
Empty Weight (kg) 5
LPG Capacity (approx litres) 19.5
Propane Capacity (kg) 10
Water Content (L) 24.5

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