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Koltec VG177 Reducer (Vaporizer) Repair Kit

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Koltec VG177 Reducer Repair Kit

regeneration kit of diaphragms, membranes, sealings, filters for Koltec VG177 autogas, LPG reducer, regulator, vaporizer.


All parts included in the kit are visible on photo.


Most common symptomes of wear out of reducer rubber parts are:

  • hard adjustment of iddle gear
  • unstable idle gear
  • higher gas consumption
It is reccomended to exchange rubber parts of the reducer around every 50.000miles.


1 Review

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    Almost perfect

    Posted by Teemu from Finland on 2nd Apr 2017

    Gaskets fitted pretty good. There were some extra gaskets that i didnt find the place to put them on, my mistake?

    Was dissapointed that there was not any gasket for the heating water pocket (made it myself from gasket sheet, water leakage was the main problem) and one other that i would of needed.

    Also installation instructions would been great.

    But in all, we got the forklift up and running again and thats the main thing.

    Free tip to all that is going to use this gasket set:

    Remember safety firts!

    Pressure test, and find for leaks with soapy water before installation to machine the gas line with compresse air I used 8 bar.

    And the water pocket I used 2 Bar pressure.

    BEST for firts time use, if you have dual system gasoline/LPG get the engine hot using gasoline fuel the switch to LPG so the engine is allready nice and hot for the LPG.

    IF you dont have a dual system like I dont and if the machinery is in COLD weather, fill the water lines with HOT water and pump the water lines with fingers to get the ecxess air out from the system, before filling the gas lines and trying to start the engine.

    Fill the gas lines and look for leaks with soapy water.

    When you get it idling let it idle couple of minutes before driving, look for leakages.