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KME Nevo Diego OBD Adapter Interface

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KME Nevo Diego OBD Adapter Interface


The KME OBD Adapter v2 enables communication between NEVO or Diego gas injection system
and petrol controller that uses OBDII diagnostic interface. The applications of this
communication are as following:

  • reading parameters form the OBDII system, and their visualization in the NEVO/DiegoG3 application,
  • reading and controlling (including deleting) recorded and awaiting errors (trouble codes) of the petrol controller,
  • automatic regulation and adaptation gas system on the basis of the corrections read from OBD (see NEVO or DiegoG3 program instructions).


Adapter OBD v2 can work as a standalone device or it can be connected to the gas installation from DiegoG3 or NEVO family.
When connected to NEVO or NEVO PLUS system Adapter OBDv2 requires NEVO- or newer software. 


When connected to DiegoG3 Adapter OBDv2requires DiegoG3 or newer software. When Adapter OBDv2 is not connected to gas ECU it works as an OBD scanner and can be communicated by NEVO or newer software. Details about usage of OBD Adapter v2 with KME gas systems are available in the instructions for these systems. The use of Adapter with gas installation allows it to automatically adjust and adapt the gas system, using the data read from the petrol ECU - OBD adaptation (in the NEVO from version 4.0C, in DiegoG3 from version 30J). Adapter may be also used for the time of calibration. In that case it is a tool facilitating the calibration, and – to some extend – automatizing it.



Adapter may also be installed in car permanently. In that case it works as an interface between petrol and gas controllers and enables the gas controller to introduce constant, adaptive correction.


The adapter may be connected to OBD using protocols that are applied in most cars
produced after year 2000:

  • ISO9141
  • KWP2000slow
  • KWP2000fast
  • CAN_11bitID_500kbps
  • CAN_29bitID_500kbps
  • CAN_11bitID_250kbps
  • CAN_29bitID_250kbps


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