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IGT 28 mbar Butane Shell Bottle Gas Regulator

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  • 28mbar igt single stage low pressure gas regulator A310i
  • IGT 28 mbar Butane Shell Bottle Gas Regulator
  • 28mbar igt single stage low pressure gas regulator A310i
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IGT 28 mbar A310i Propane Butane Cylinder Gas Pressure Regulator - Shell type mount

IGT 28 mbar propane butane gas regulator control the flow of gas and adjust the gas pressure designed to be mounted directly on the butane gas cylinder with Sell type outlet (G1, G2, G4, G5, G8, G12). The regulator not only acts as a control regarding the flow and distribution of propane but also as a safety barrier between the high pressure of the tank and the end use appliance(s). 


IGT 28 mbar single stage regulator is equipped with:

Inlet: W21.8 x 1/12 Left Hand female thread with mesh filter

Outlet: 8mm for 8mm or 8.3mm internal diameter gas hose

Nut size for the key is 30mm. 

Suitable output hose: 







1) Fitting and operating conditions

  • The A310i is a household regulator designed to supply gas to gas consuming appliances at a pressure and capacity as indicated on the identification label(l).

  • The A310i can tie fitted to any cylinder equipped with a cylinder valve with hand -operated closure (9) The gas cylinder must always be used in the upright position.

  • Whenever used outdoors, the A310i must be suitably protected against rain.

  • Never look (or teaks using a dame just use a soapy-water solution

  • In case of any difficulties or problems, shut off the gas supply and contact your dealer immediately

  • Should a leak catch fire prematurely before you can coise the cylinder valve(2).then use a wet doth to close the cylinder valve.


2) Mounting the connection to the gas consuming appliance in execution with hose nozzle outlet.

Fit a regulation rubber hose (3) to the hose nozzle (lubricate the latter with water to facilitate the insertion)

To guarantee a sound connection, use a regulation hose clip (4), which is usually sold together with the hose and is in any case adapted to the hose dimensions


3) Assembly on the gas cylinder make sure that:

  • all laps on the consuming appliance are closed

  • the connecting pipe to the gas appliance is correctly fitted.


In total absence of any flame, remove the plug or seal cap from the cylinder valve. After checking the presence and the good state of the gasket (8).tighten the union nut (9) by screwing up in the direction indicated by the arrow (10)The union nut should be tightened moderately, nevertheless sufficiently to ensure a leak-tight which must be checked by using a soapy-water solution. Hold the union nut, the regulator itself is never to be rotated.


4)Plant Operation


Once the A310i has been correctly mounted on cylinder valve, the gas supply occurs by turning the valve hand wheel in the direction shown by the arrow (11). To shut off the gas supply, reverse above procedure


5) Replacing the gas cylinder

Make sure that:

  • all taps on the consuming appliance are in the closed position.

  • the cylinder valve is closed.


Then, dismount the A310i by unscrewing the union nut(9).




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