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Flexible Solar Panel Activesol Light 75W

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  • Flexible Solar Panel Activesol Light 75W
  • Flexible Solar Panel Activesol Light 75W
  • Flexible Solar Panel Activesol Light 75W
  • Flexible Solar Panel Activesol Light 75W
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Flexible Solar Panel Activesol Light 75W Polycrystalline

The ASOLL-75P-W0R photovoltaic panel from the Activesol Light series is extremely light and flexible, thanks to which it can be installed virtually anywhere without burdening the structure and adapting to the shape of the surface. This photovoltaic panel is small and light, making it ideally suited to the most elegant surroundings. Ready-made mounting holes allow for easy panel mounting.

A 75W solar panel produces an average of 310Wh per day. This is enough to watch TV for more than 3.5 hours, provide power to a 25-liter tourist refrigerator for 6 hours, and read in the light of a 30W bulb for 10 hours. The energy generated by the solar panel can also be used to charge a phone, computer or navigation. The photovoltaic panel can also be used as an additional source of energy that charges a battery with a capacity greater than 5A. Despite its small thickness, the panel is durable and with full support it can withstand pressure up to 100 kg. Due to its flexibility, the Activesol Light panel can be installed even on a slightly curved surface.

The flexible ASOLL Light series solar panels are designed with mobile applications in mind. They are perfect as an independent power source for boats, yachts, campers and caravans. Thanks to their low weight, they can be installed anywhere.

The Activesol Light panel with a peak power of 75Wp and small dimensions (668x834mm) will be perfect for a boat or plot. It is silent and virtually maintenance-free. This is an ideal solution if we have little space, we cannot burden the structure and we have a battery with a capacity of up to 5A. By using the Activesol solar panel with a power of 75W, we can supply low-power devices (e.g. telephone, radio) on a daily basis. Activesol Light with a power of 75W is also an ideal solution when we have a larger battery, but our energy demand is small or when we use electrical devices sporadically (e.g. only at weekends). In this case, the panel will charge the battery during the week so that we can enjoy the energy of the sun throughout the weekend

Main characteristics of Activesol

• ultra light and durable
• waterproof
• easy to assemble
• perfect solution for boats and yachts
• prefabricated mounting holes
• junction box installed in place of one cell
• 36W / 75W / 150W panels have a long cable (2m, komplet złączek typu MC4 do kupienia osobno)
• all ACTIVESOL panels can be installed with: LOXX fasteners, double-sided tape, glue, silicone or screws
 manufactured in EU


Technical Specifications:

  • Peak power: 75W
  • Max power voltage: Vmp [V]: 18,34
  • Max current: Imp [A]: 4,09
  • Open circuit voltage Voc [V]: 22,45
  • Short-circuit current: Isc [A]: 4,34
  • Power tolerance [%]: 5
  • Efficiency [%]: 13,46
  • Cell: polycrystalline

Mechanical Parameters:

  • Length: 834mm
  • Width: 668mm
  • Depth: 4mm
  • Weight: 1.50kg


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