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Epever 10A PWM Charge Controller LS1024EU

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  • Epever 10A PWM Charge Controller LS1024EU
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PWM Solar charge controller Epever 10A LS1024EU

Easy to use and reliable

Charging regulators LS1024EU 10A are reliable devices used in photovoltaic systems that protect the battery against overcharging and against deep discharge from receivers operating on direct voltage 12V / 24V.

A lot of features

The Epever LS1024EU Charge Regulator is developed according to the latest available technology and has many unique features, such as:

  • Easy and quick change of battery type selection at the touch of a button
  • USB output to charge a smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • The charge controller automatically adjusts to the system voltage of 12V or 24V
  • Disconnecting the receiver when the voltage drops significantly
  • Bright and easy to read charge status display
  • Comprehensive electronic protection against overvoltage, short circuit, reverse polarity, overload, etc.
  • Four levels of battery charge
  • Up to 4mm2 clamp diameter for connecting cables
  • Automatic adaptation to the ambient temperature
  • This universal device is dedicated to working with gel, acid, and AGM batteries

Technical specifications:

  • Model: LS1024EU
  • Nominal system voltage: 12 / 24VDC
  • Max. PV circuit voltage: 50V
  • Rated charging current: 10A
  • Nominal discharge current: 10A
  • Battery input voltage range: 8 ~ 32V
  • Low voltage disconnect voltage: 11.1V
  • Own power consumption: ≤5mA (12V); ≤7mA (24V)
  • USB 5VDC / 1.2A output port
  • External dimension [mm]: 120x67x21
  • Weight [kg]: 0.10
  • IP20 housing
  • Mounting hole size: Φ4.5
  • 12AWG / 4mm2 terminal
  • Working temperature -35 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
  • Humidity ≤95% N.C.

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