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Diesel, LPG and CNG telemetry GPS, GPRS tracking system

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HGV and machines fleet management and Diesel - LPG, CNG remote control system

Modular telemetric (telematic) for online vehicles and fleet management with LPG/CNG Blue Power conversion system installed or without for Diesel trucks, lorries, machinery. CAN monitoring allows to view and report to the fleet operator position, speed and all parameters of the vehicles. Systems is useful for fleet vehicles but operates also with Blue Power Diesel - LPG/CNG blend system and helps to monitor fuel, LPG consumption and monitor the system live through GPRS access. Consumption, distance and other reports are available anytime.
Telemetric system is easy to install and contain 3 main modules:
  • CAN recorder - connected to CAN bus and optionally to Blue Power LPG/CNG controller (if fitted) - store all driving and fuel consumption data, and allows remote diagnostic and calibration of the LPG/CNG controller 
  • GSM/GPRS module - pass all data from CAN recorder over GPRS to the data center, data center is accessible over internet for fleet control and remote LPG/CNG system monitoring and adjustments, fleet manager can see current position of all monitored vehicles, all parameters fuel consumption and position on detailed map over the internet browser
  • Driver assistant module (optional) - it's a led display which shows the driver optimal RPM and acceleration pedal usage for best diesel savings, in some trucks it can be displayed directly on the dashboard but a standalone version is also available:

The system can generate complex reports on demand for each monitored vehicle and LPG system usage for chosen period of time containing ie. distance, Diesel consumption, LPG/CNG consumption, how economically the driver is using the system etc.
Any alarm messages can be sent over through the mobile network to the fleet operator/driver/LPG system installer ie. not economical driving alert, exceed of service period without maintenance, driving without LPG/CNG system on, refuelling, any other custom messages/notifications can be set up.
Three main features of the telemetric system:
  1. Driver assistant helping the driver achieve best fuel saving results
  2. Full fleet monitoring for fleet owner
  3. Remote LPG/CNG system monitoring (if such system is installed on the truck, lorry, building machine, etc.), diagnostic and adjustments 


Some screenshots for online fleet management and reports (accessible from internet browser):







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