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Cinderella Comfort Incinerating Toilet - Electric

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  • Cinderella Comfort Incinerating Toilet - Electric
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Cinderella Comfort incinerating toilet - no water and chemicals needed

No bad smells, almost no waste. All that is left is ash

Cinderella Comfort incinerator toilets burn urine and excrement at high temperature, leaving only a small amount of ash. Four people using the toilet for a week will only produce about one cup of ash. Thanks to the Cinderella Comfort combustion toilets, you can avoid high costs and strict regulations related to connection to the sewage system, and you can enjoy almost the same comfort and convenience as at home. As our toilets do not require connection to the water supply and sewage system, they can be installed in exposed natural areas. Cinderella is a total plumbing solution in the sense that it gets rid of all waste from the toilet. They do not need to be transported elsewhere as other toilet systems require.

Easy to use

Cinderella incinerator toilets are easy to use and Cinderella bowl inserts safely transport waste to the combustion chamber. As a result, the toilet is very hygienic and clean compared to other options on the market. Lift the lid and toilet seat. Place the original Cinderella bowl insert in the bowl and put the board back in place. Use the toilet just like any other toilet and close the lid when you're done. Press the "flush button" and the pan insert and its contents will be released into the combustion chamber. The toilet is now ready to be used again.


The installation of the Cinderella toilet is simple and requires no external tanks or a water connection. Only an inlet / outlet ventilation system needs to be installed, but it is important to follow Cinderella Eco Group's instructions to ensure reliable operation and long service life.

Approved product

Cinderella Comfort meets all the required regulations and the necessary approvals and certificates for products in this category. This is extremely important to us as a distributor and gives you as our customer the best quality item.


  • High-quality product made in Norway
  • LCD display with notifications
  • Does not use water
  • Comfortable indoor climate, no smell
  • Child lock
  • Produces little waste, just a small amount clean ash that you empty about once a week
  • Complete toilet solution, incinerates all waste
  • Emptying alarm - notifies the user to empty the ash container
  • Simple installation procedure, only requires electrical connection and air inlet / outlet
  • Low-noise
  • Scandinavian design
  • DBI approved and CE-marked
  • Certified and approved in accordance with applicable regulations. CE mark
  • Large capacity: up to 12 people
  • Reliable, suitable for cold areas
  • 3-year warranty

Technical data

  • Height: 600 mm
  • Seat height: 540 mm
  • Width: 390 mm
  • Depth: 590 mm
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Capacity: 3-4 persons/hour
  • Ventilation duct / pipes: 110 mm external dimension
  • Combustion power: 2000W
  • Energy consumption per combustion: 1-2 kWh
  • Power demand: 220 - 240 V, 10A


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