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Butane Shell Bottle Regulator 30mbar with gauge

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Butane Shell Bottle Pressure Regulator 30mbar with gauge

Low pressure gas regulator suitable for Butane for use with Continental Shell-type bottles. Regulator equipped with gauge.



Inlet W21.8 x 1/14 Left thread Shell Continental, filter mesh
Spanner size 30mm spanner
Outlet 8mm Orange hose push-in nozzle
Pressure 30 mbar (suitable for Butane)
Maximum gas flow 1.5kg/h
Length Including nut and nozzle - 15cm
Inlet pressure 0.3-7.5 bar


  1. Fitting and operating conditions:
    1. The device is a household regulator designed to supply gas to gas consuming appliances at a pressure and capacity as indicated on the identification label.
    2. The regulator can be fitted at any cylinder equipped with cylinder valve with hand-operated valve. The gas cylinder must always be used in the upright position.
    3. Whenever used outdoors, the regulator must be suitably protected against rain.
    4. Never search for leaks using a flame, use a soapy-water solution instead.
    5. In case of any difficulties or problems, shut off the gas supply and contact us immediately.
  2. Mounting the connection to the gas consuming appliance
    Fit a regulation rubber hose to the hose nozzle (lubricate the nozzle with warm water for easy insertion). To guarantee a leak-free connection put suitable clip on the hose.
  3. Mounting regulator on gas cylinder  
    Make sure that all taps are closed and connecting pipe to the gas appliance is correctly fitted. Tighten the union nut by screwing up in the direction indicated by the arrow. The union nut should be tightened moderately. The joint must be checked for leaks using soapy water solution. Hold the regulator and turn the union nut, the regulator itself should be never rotated.


Suitable output hose: 

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