BRC BLOS - LPG Carburetor

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  • BRC BLOS - LPG Carburetor
  • BRC BLOS - LPG Carburetor
  • BRC BLOS - LPG Carburetor
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BRC BLOS - LPG Carburetor 

LPG Carburetor 70 mm inlet, 70mm outlet, slit D version.



It is an extraordinary novelty in the field of LPG and CNG mixers for cars. “Système BLOS”, or simply “BLOS”, is patented worldwide. BLOS is the result of several years of research and is manufactured with the most advanced technologies.




  1. A traditional mixer provided with a small inside diameter works well while idling and at slow speed, but it disadvantages the maximum performances of the engine. On the contrary BLOS behaves like a mixer having a great diameter, able to reduce the charge losses to a minimum, by leaving the engine breathe deeply.
  2. A traditional mixer provided with a great inside diameter works well at high speed, but it gives rise to an unstable idling mixture, to gaps in accelerating, to flashback risks. BLOS gets round all these disadvantages to the user ’s great satisfaction.
  3. BLOS allows a remarkable saving on fuel. Its excellent mixture complies with the most severe emission regulations.
  4. It is necessary to install BLOS on any type of injection car fed both on LPG and on CNG.
  5. BLOS simplifies the assembling operations it can be installed between the bladed flow meter and the throttle body with no need of flow meters nor any pressure compensation. A single model covers the full range of vehicles.
  6. BLOS is able to reduce all the flashback risks owing to a faulty mixture (it is plain that it would be never able to remedy a flashback caused by a defective sparking plug or by a leakage of current coming from the high voltage cables, or even by a use leading to the complete emptying of the LPG tank).

Calibration instructions and servicing available under this link.

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24 month warranty. Easy swap.
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