LPG Autogas Conversion Front Kits and Mini Kits
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LPG Conversion Kits

LPG Conversion for Sequential Injection Petrol Engines LPG Conversion Kits for Direct Point Injection Engines LPG Conversion Kits for Diesel Engines 4 Cylinders Engine Petrol to Gas Conversion Kit 6 Cylinder Engine Petrol to Gas Conversion Kit 8 Cylinders Petrol to Autogas Conversion Kit vialle-liquid-sequential-injection.jpg


LPG or Autogas Conversion Kits we offer are dedicated for:


  • Sequential Injection Petrol Engines (Vapour and Liquid Gas Injection)
  • Direct Point Petrol Injection Engines (Vapour and Liquid Gas Injection)
  • Diesel Engines 
  • Carburetor Petrol Engines 

For example full Vapour LPG Conversion Kit for Sequential Injection Engine contain: ECU Controller with wiring Loom, Sensors, Switch and Accessories, Gas Injectors, Vapourizer (or Gas Pressure Reducer), manifold nozzles, High Pressure Gas Pipes (between filler-tank-reducer), Low Pressure Gas Hoses (between reducer-injectors-manifiold), Gas Tank with Multivalve, Filling Point, brackets, fittings, clamps etc.


Our kits are mainly front conversion kits which means are combination of ECU Controller with accessories, Reducer and Injectors.


Full Front Kits Extensions contain all additional pipes, hoses and accessories needed for conversion except tank, multivalve and filling point. 

Each ECU Controller needs to be set up with diagnostic interface (USB, RS or Bluetooth) which is separate. 

Please note that all pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.