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What full autogas conversion kit contain?

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Here is the example list of full 4 cylinder kit based on LPGTECH 224 controller. To perform LPG conversion you need following items (except tools):

  1. LPGTECH 224 ECU Controller
    • NEW LPGTECH-224 ECU Controller
    • NEW Wiring Loom
    • LPGTECH PTS-01 Pressure and Temperature Integrated Sensor
    • TECHLevel Hall Level Sender Sensor with wirng NEW!
    • LPG/Petrol Switch (NEW with plug connector!)
    • LPG Vapour Phase Filter 12mm IN/OUT
    • M5 Reducer Temperature Sensor, Vacuum Nozzle, Accessories
  2. Tomasetto Alaska 135HP Reducer (with mounting bracket and bolts)
  3. Barracuda 124 4CYL Injectors Rail (with manifold nozzles)
  4. LPG Tank of your choice (with mounting accessories)
  5. Tank Multivalve (for chosen tank)
  6. UK Filling Point with Box - straight or 90deg. (please specify if you need any other type of filling point)
  7. 6 meters - 6mm Flexi Pipe FARO (from reducer to the tank)
  8. 2x 6mm Flexi Pipe fitting (for pipe above)
  9. 2 meters - 8mm Flexi Pipe FARO (from filling point to the tank)
  10. 2x 8mm Flexi Pipe fitting (for pipe above)
  11. 12x 'P' Clip for Flexi Pipe
  12. 1.5 meter - 5mm Injector Gas Hose Parker
  13. 8x Clips for 5mm Injector Gas Hose
  14. 1.5 meter - 12mm Injector Feed Gas Hose Parker
  15. 4x Clips for 12mm Injector Feed Gas Hose
  16. 2 meters - 16mm Collant Hose Parker
  17. 2x Water 'T' 16-16-16mm Aluminium (or 16-16-19mm on your demand)
  18. 8x 16/19mm Collant Hose Clamps
  19. 1.5 meter - 4mm Vacuum Silicon Hose

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