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Always starts on LPG - Europegas Avance

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If you want to get rid petrol tank for some reason or start the engine always on LPG without using a petrol Europegas Avance controllers have this option for you.

To set up Europegas Avance ECU to start only on LPG you need:

1. Go to: Options->Preferences and tick "Expert mode"

2. Go to Advanced tab on the panel below and in Emergency start section change Remember start on gas option to ON

3. IMPORTANT! Start the engine pressing LPG/Petrol switch button, release the button after engine has started. From now on engine will start on LPG every single time. 

LPGSHOP is a Blue Power Diesel systems Distributor

We are happy to announce that we become Blue Power - Diesel Blend Systems partner and UK distributor of Blue Power systems.Blue Power is one of the most advanced diesel to LPG or CNG conversion systems on the market with unique ability of connection and reading the whole spectrum of CAN bus signals of the [...]

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Elpigas tanks UKLPG approved

We are happy to announce that Elpigaz, Polmocon autogas tanks are now on the registration list of UKLPG. You can choose Elpigaz make from the list to obtain UKLPG certificate for autogas installation.Full list of Elpigaz tanks: Polmocon Elpigaz autogas LPG tanks list

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What full autogas conversion kit contain?

Here is the example list of full 4 cylinder kit based on LPGTECH 224 controller. To perform LPG conversion you need following items (except tools): LPGTECH 224 ECU Controller NEW LPGTECH-224 ECU ControllerNEW Wiring LoomLPGTECH PTS-01 Pressure and Temperature Integrated SensorTECHLevel Hall Level Sender Sensor with wirng NEW!LPG/Petrol Switch (NEW with plug connector!)LPG Vapour Phase Filter [...]

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OMVL Authorized Reseller

We are happy to announce that we have become OMVL authorized reseller.Beside of the OMVL products, autogas, systems, kits, reducers, injectors, accessories we have on the website you may ask us anytime for any other OMVL products and we will be only happy to help with those inquires also.

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‚ÄčRevolutionary, modular gas feeding distribution system

Revolutionary, modular gas feeding system for single injectors, easy as LEGO bricks. You can combine modules to have as many as you need 6mm outputs for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 25 any number of cylinders.12mm hose inlet and spare 12m outlet nozzle is attached to each set so you may join rails [...]

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LPGTECH at your garage - UK Training tour

Between 9th to 11th of March 2016 we will visit garages around UK with LPGTECH engineer to: - solve all your technical issues related to LPG systems - show how easy is to install and calibrate LPGTECH - talk about business and support opportunities Contact us at or 07572 132 512 if you would like to book [...]

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Start-stop system - LPG Conversion ie. Totota Prius

How to convert to autogas automatic Start/Stop system engine ie. in Toyota Prius with LPGTECH?Connect main positive (+) of LPG system to ignition, so the voltage is present always when the ignition is on.Change the Fast start option in LPGTECH software Settings to 'According to RPM' as on the picture below. With such setup every time combustion engine [...]

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Unique LPG Software Features - Webinar

We are happy to invite our customers for 4th Free Online Training: Unique LPG Software FeaturesSubjects:- petrol addition on LPG - how to set up- morning rescue from engine fuel overflow - minimum and maximum injection time- petrol injectors looping - how to solve it on LPG- understanding of the maps gathered by LPG Software- Mazda and [...]

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2nd Free LPG Online Training: ECU Controllers

Second Free LPG Online Training 10 September 2015 13.30GMT:All about LPG ECU Controllers basing on KME ControllersPlease register at: (number of participants limited!)Second in the series of webinars will cover ie. following subjects and more: Turbo, HEMI, Valvetronic, Mazda, Start&Stop, OBD System Adaptation, erasing errors, reading from lambda, 10-16 Cylinders Support, petrol pressure, Long/Short [...]

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